It’s time to join the Hoverboard Mania!

Have you tried your skills at the latest bandwagon yet? If not, you must have at least heard of the self-balancing scooters also called as the hoverboards that are all the rage these days. These Segway or balancing scooters were first made popular by celebrities like Justin Bieber, Shahrukh Khan, and Wiz Khalifa. Their smooth functioning and advanced designs are getting increasingly popular among the young adults and teenagers. 
Hover boards derived their after a Hollywood movie, ‘Back to the Future’. Unlike the reel world, we don’t have the Hoverboards that levitate in the air in the real world, but thanks to the innovative minds and advanced technologies, we are pretty close! The new hoverboard, also called as ‘rideable’ is available in the market to offer a fun and environmental-friendly means for personal transportation. If you wish to buy Hoverboard in India, you first need to know how to operate them. Let’s take a look at how Hover-boards actually work.
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Segway is a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter which is used for the personal transporter.  This two-wheeled electric vehicle is used as a convenient way by which you can easily travel around towns and cities. A self-balancing scooter or hover board consist of two motorized wheels connected to a pair of articulated pads use to place the feet and then ride. The rider controls the speed of the Hover board by leaning backward or forward and direction is decided by the way of twisting the pads. With the top performance in the cities, these are highly demanded. Features: Affordable pricesLatest designsDurable natureEasy to useLonger lifeUser-friendly It comes to your mind that why the mini segway must be chosen over a regular hover board. Then, I must say that mini segway board is a more mature product that has both the bad and the good thing.


A self-balancing scooter also known as the hoverboard is considered to be portable, rechargeable battery powered scooter that weighs 300lbs which makes it suitable for kids and adults. A few specifications that you must know while choosing a self-balancing scooter: Battery quality – The hoverboard that you choose must have a good quality battery which determines the range of the scooter. Poor quality batteries cause burst to hoverboard into flames.Range – It gives a minimum range of 10 kilometers.Safety Features – If you are purchasing a hoverboard, try to go for a slightly costly hoverboard that comes with effective safety features as speed protection mode and low battery protection mode.Best Electric Skateboard above 30000 Rupees
SEGWAY MINIPRO The best self balancing scooters in India are the Segway mini pro that is basically manufactured with the latest technology that makes it best over the self-balancing hoverboard. It has come with a lot of advanced features which maintain the b…


Segway is a two-wheeled, break through technology and self balancing scooter which is used for personal transporter.  This two-wheeled electric vehicle is used as a convenient way by which you can easily travel around towns and cities. Its name is derived from the word “segue” which mean “ follows”. If you have the curiosity to know about how fast can you travel on Segway. Then, you will get the answer that each segway is equipped with two operational settings with the ‘beginner’ and ‘standard’ mode. The beginner mode is set to 6mph/13kph and the standard mode is set to travel upto 12.5mph/ 20kph which are highly equivalent to 5-8 minute mile. How to ride a Segway- Riding it improperly can cause you serious injury from falls, loss of control and others. Whenever you ride a segway, try to follow the following steps and rules while riding: If you are riding a Segway, you must learn how to operate the Segway before attempting to use it alone. Whenever you ride it, try to wear appropriate…

Move Over Skateboards, The Hoverboard Is Here

Do you like to stay updated with the newest technology? Are you on the look-out to try the latest gizmo? Then you simply can’t miss the increasing popularity of the mini Segway hoverboard with teenagers and adults alike these days. Now officially launched in India, these smart personal mobility devices are making quite a buzz in the market. Earlier treated simply as a fancy toy or a passing fad for popular celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Usain Bolt, the benefits of owning a hoverboard are slowly coming to light. In a day and age when petrol and fuel costs are sky-rocketing and global warming is a very real threat to our coming generations, more and more consumers are looking towards a greener and cleaner means of alternative transportation. This is exactly what the mini Segway hoverboard offers, as it works on rechargeable batteries, thus, cutting down on fuel emission and helping you do your bit in protecting our environment. Perfect for traveling short distances, they’re the newe…

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Have you jumped on the latest bandwagon yet? It’s official!  Mini Segway hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters are all the rage these days.  Made popular by international celebrities like Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa as well as Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan, closer home, they are getting increasingly popular with teenagers and young adults. Hoverboards got their name from the Hollywood movie, ‘Back To The Future’ and even though we’re not in a place where Hoverboards actually levitate in the air, we have something pretty close! The new hoverboard, sometimes simply known as a 'rideable' available in the market these days offers a fun yet environmental-friendly means to alternative personal transportation.  Let’s take a look at how it works. The mini Segway hoverboardis a smaller version of the Segway but it comes without handles. The principle it works on is the same as the Segway. You maintain your balance by keeping your centre of gravity intact by shifting your…

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So it’s that time of the year when there is festive cheer in the air and you’re struggling with your gift-list.  You might be wondering what to present your child that will have him all in smiles and on good behaviour for the rest of the year. Why not try the latest toy in the market- the mini Segway hoverboard? You might have seen them around malls or shared by relatives on social media that show teenagers performing tricks and stunts on Youtube on these self-balancing scooters. Looks trendy and cool?  Yes! Will your teenager be eternally grateful to you for it? Also yes! So what’s stopping you? Of course, safety and precaution are top priorities for parents when it comes to anything mobile, be it a cycle or a hoverboard and this is one of the primary concerns while buying one. However, if bought at the right place and if researched well, you can get both a sense of security as well as an amazing product to match your requirements. The most important aspect of these latest mini Segw…